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AirHart IT Advisors

AirHart IT Advisors is a consultancy offering information technology services to small and medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations and institutions in the Seattle metro area.

AirHart Web was established in 1998 to provide web design and hosting services to small and medium corporations. We recognized the need for small businesses, non-profit groups and institutions to go beyond the web and optimize their business infrastructures, bringing them into alignment with business goals and governmental regulations. Working with you, we can help you to determine your Information Technology needs, including:

  • Hardware and software lifecycle planning
  • Software design and integration
  • Compliance and security
  • Finding good implementation resources at reasonable prices

All with a completely neutral view. We do not sell traditional IT services, but we do help you to find the best software, hardware and implementation resources based upon your needs.

A typical engagement would begin with a review, which will examine existing software, hardware, licenses, hosting, etc. Based on the industry,the review would also look at compliance requirements and needs. Often state statutes dictate how protected personal information is collected and stored within a business environment. Some issues are simple, such as locked filing cabinets; others are more complex, such as encrypting your data.

The review can then also move into business processes and needs. Are your work processing, mail and CRM solutions integrated? Does your ERP solution communicate directly with your accounting software? What are the cost/benefit requirements? What should I get my employees for computers? laptops, terminals or towers? Which operating systems are best for my needs?

These are all questions which can be answered in a way which make business sense and adds to your bottom line. Because we are not implementers or resellers, our interest is in making certain you have the systems you need, but that you are not buying beyond your means or requirements.

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