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AirHart IT Advisors offers the following services:

Compliance Reviews

In today's business climate, regulation regarding protected personal information is becoming more complex. Various levels of government are regulating how data is stored. These regulations generally do reflect IT best practices and are for the benefit of the customers and clients of a given firm. However, the laws are not entirely clear and can be confusing and complex.
Therefore, an important offering of AirHart Technical Advisors is the Compliance Review. This review examines how communications are secured, who can access protected data, how the environment is secured and how data is stored and recovered. Areas of deep expertise include HIPAA, GLBH, MA 201R17, and various financial institution requirements.

Risk Management

If your servers or workstations die unexpectedly is your data available for recovery? How long will it take? Do you know the order and dependencies between the infrastructure servers? What happens if one backup is not enough? AirHart Technical Advisors can help you look at your data, determine its importance and map recovery and risk. Small and medium business systems must be supportable, recoverable and secure. Risk management will help you to understand how to recover data, how long it will take, and how to restart a critical application after failure.

Security Reviews

Businesses need to maintain the trust of their clients, partners and employees. Too often small and medium businesses have grown in a manner which is not secure. Our objective is to help businesses identify critical areas of security which need to be addressed and to determine the priority and cost of each aspect. There are often low cost or even free solutions to security issues which will help to prevent fraud and theft.

Infrastructure Design

We will assess what you have today and how it is used. This will be mapped in an easy to understand matrix and illustration. Software, software versions, patching and supportability will also be recorded and analyzed. The hardware will be examined for age, condition and adequacy. Based on the above factors, in conjunction with your business needs, the environment will be analyzed and plans for one, three, and five year plans will be developed. Assistance is also available for implementation recommendations including consulting organizations; and, if needed, project management.

Server and Workstation Efficiency

With the focus on the environment and lowering utility costs, what can your organization do to lower its footprint? Do you have enough servers or too many servers? Can systems be consolidated? Efficiencies can be gained by right sizing your environment, from terminals to laptops to server consolidation. The review will allow you to see simple, affordable solutions and will help to map future purchases and decisions to create a more efficient environment. Often this can lower both support and utility costs.

IT and Business Goal Alignment

IT is a tool for you to use to achieve your business goals. This can involve reducing overhead, creating more efficient communications with customers and employees, making certain that everyone has the correct information at the same time, and finally the efficient organization of data. AirHart IT Advisors will work with business owners and managers to ensure that IT systems and applications are integrated to help achieve business goals; and more importantly, contribute to your bottom line. In today's business environment computers are seen as a standalone tool. By planning your software and hardware needs you can integrate mail, CRM, ERP, databases and other applications to create an integrated interface allowing for improved efficiency and reporting.

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